1. Don’t take anything or anybody for granted. Don’t look down on anyone. Everyone has their relevance in politics.

2. Make friends and canvass for votes across board. It’s not only regular politicians that vote.

3. Voters apparty is fading and there is a renewed interest in the election process by all and sundry. The turn out is rapidly increasing.

4. Stop bragging and attacking people left and right because you believe you are the party in power and there is power of incumbency. It’s effectiveness is being limited by the renewed interest of the irregular politicians in the process.

5. Don’t call the bluff of any faction or caucus in the party, rather make peace with all and together bring more into the fold from outside. Politics is a game of numbers and you have just one vote no matter your love for your candidates.

6. Vote buying will no longer do the magic but governance and credible personality. The days of ballot box snatching are over and soon vote buying at polling units will soon follow the same route.

7. If you are in government, work to protect the interest of the masses and you may not have to spend too much again to win election, you would have won the hearts of the people.

8. If you are outside the government and intend to contest, be good and be easily accessible to your people. Show understanding of their problems and do your best to put smiles on their faces.

9. Social Media and technology is advancing and making it more difficult to rig election, wake up and get to work.

10. Artificial masses votes (ibo oloyi) is becoming obsolete and may not work in 2023. The system is getting smarter and the umpire is getting more vigilant.

Nigerians are getting more informed, educated and ready to take their destiny in their hands.

Be wise and don’t be delusional.

Amb. Capt. Dabas Suleiman
Ambassador General PUAN

Amb. Capt. Dabas Suleiman –
Ambassador General PUAN

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  • Olajumoke Ibrahim -

    Those are the key points of the just concluded Osun state gubernatorial election. Weldone sir more inks into your pen. Up PUAN! My vote! My choice!! My power !!!

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