Today, concerned Nigerians, both young and old have tearfully asked the questions, “how did we get here”? And, “who did this to us” and of course who will deliver us from abject poverty, insecurity and corruption. The suffering of the less privileged seems perpetual and scary as if the time for a revolutionary initiative has come. A great revolution that will seek to enthusiastically enthrone good governance, through a lawful and transparent democratic process.

According to Frederick Douglass “knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave”. The mission of PUAN, an independent non – governmental initiative is to collaborate with other democratic institutions to deliver a lawful and transparent democratic process aimed at promoting the emergence of reputable leadership, elevate the awareness level of the docile majority to vote their choice unhindered as well as encourage a national consciousness and movement to embrace probity, patriotism and service to humanity.

PUAN strongly believes the set time has come for the new breed to conquer greed, ignorance, apathy and self-centredness and drive home with greatness in the mind of all Nigerians. By so doing, usher in quality leadership with high sense integrity, accountability economic empowerment for all citizens in Nigeria. The actual journey for unstoppable greatness begins now with PUAN.

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