We the people (the electorate) have finally realised the power embedded in the Parmanent Voters Card (PVC)

Osun State Governorship election was a true manifestation of this power.

PUAN saw first hand the danger of vote buying and selling.

But the share will of the people to do what is right prevail.

The tenacity at which the people took to condemn the ills of electoral malpractice was overwhelming.

To those who have been brain washed by this evil politicians came to realise that they were actually in the wrong boat.

PUAN was all out policing the polling units, this actually sends strong message to all bad politicians and there agents.

We need more volunteers and supports from well meaning Nigerians and friends of Nigeria to make this mandate of stamp out bad politicians from our electoral process a reality.

PUAN has been on a self sponsor mode for over 4 years now.

Let’s partner and collaborate together for the good of country and its citizen.

Visit us at www.puan.com.ng for more information.

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