Democracy is a system that is designed to make policies and functions of government accountable to the people. In the people, resides the power to install and retire government officials through the ballot instrument. The force of Government are bound to bow to the whims of the Electorate. Democracy, only then becomes the government of the people by the people and for the people.

In Africa in General and we speak for the purpose of reference about Nigeria in particular; our twenty three (23) years of Democratic Governance has practically made nonsense of this clear definition of Democracy.
In Nigeria Politics, the high level political class, clad with self-centered agenda, come up with strategies that exposes the people and makes them vulnerable; they therefore capitalize on this vulnerability, oppress the people, hijack power and use it to the detriment of the people.

This is why a Nigerian politician is not responsible, not accountable and responsive to the people who are the electorates.

We are set to resolve these anomalies in our Democratic structure, by birthing Polling Unit Ambassadors of Nigeria (PUAN) to take a pragmatic political revolutionary step towards building a polling unit Electoral structure at each of the polling units across Nigeria. This is championed by the electorate with the permanent voters card (PVCs) at each polling Unit community to negotiate and popularize democratic principles on behalf of the people at the polling unit communities.

This organized polling unit Electoral structure (PUES) is designed by PUAN with the goal to discourage all forms of Electoral malpractices at the Polling Unit, chase out unproductive and retrogressive politicians from our political system, encourage massive participation of the polling unit community in enthroning good democratic Governance across all political strata.

In other words the polling unit Community has been identified as a vital electoral structure for the survival of any democracy.

PUAN encourages the electorate not only to vote for their preferred candidate, but to also monitor and evaluate the activities of these elected officials for the period of his political tenure in office.

PUAN came with a 25 year mandate that will change the Nigeria political narrative, by extension Africa; for the greater good of the people.

The core mandate of the Polling Unit Ambassadors of Nigeria is to Educate, sensitize and mobilize eligible voters to see their PVCs as their power to enthrone good democracy governance, thereby making wise and informed electoral choices.

The idea is to organize and ensure Generation of eligible voters who are conscious of their electoral rights, to raise polling unit communities that would vote with a focus and impress the democratic principle that resides power with the people.

PUAN intends to have presence at the polling unit level, deploying 5 Polling Unit Ambassadors (PUAs) who are resident at these Polling unit communities, whose duties would work directly with eligible voters to vote wisely at elections. This means that PUAN will be deploying One Million Ambassadors to cover all the Polling Units in Nigeria.

They are persons who reside at the Polling Unit communities, they understand and Make sure that the electorate becomes the ultimate decider of elections results in Nigeria.

Through our sensitization and mobilization strategy at the polling unit communities, the electorate will come to understand how their votes become a viable tool in a democratic system of governance to elect leaders that will better the welfare and livelihood of their constituencies. They will also discover that elected leaders under democratic system of governance are meant to serve and by all means be accountable to the electorates.

The electorate will be more united than ever in their decision to corporately effect a change when an elected leader performs in office below expectation. These communities are also sensitized to know that every political elected officer must be appraised, and their works evaluated and monitored in conformity with their political manifestos and campaign promises.

If on the contrary the elected officer does not measure up to the expectation, the people at the polling Unit communities will be mobilized in one accord to effect a change and establish the fact that Power Resides permanently with the people

PUAN is set for its election assignment nationwide and by extension, already working towards 2023 general elections.

PUAN is aspiring to become a house hold name in Nigeria that will be known to have brought a political revolution through grassroots awareness in Nigeria.

PUAN remains committed to this noble course.

Amb. Prince Osa Osaghae.

Amb. Prince Osa Osaghar Bsc, Msc.
(Secretary General PUAN

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  • Mirabel Esther Ogene -

    Wow! Beautiful piece. Educating, inspiring, encouraging and informative. Thank you sir.

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