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Donate to Support Free & Fair 2023 General Elections

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Donate to Support Free & Fair 2023 General Elections

Election is the time when citizens decide how they want their country to be run by voting whom they feel is the right leader. Our individual choices of candidate are not the same but, in the end, the majority vote is the best.

Now as before, the will of the people is threatened by electoral malpractices of individuals and political parties.

The Polling Unit Ambassadors of Nigeria (PUAN) is a non-partisan organization of patriotic Nigerians who are ready to fight and defend the will of the people in this election so that the best candidates win, for good governance and a better nation.

The PUAN fights electoral malpractices and defends the will of the people through in three ways.

  1. Strategic Mobilization for Local Participation in Electoral process
  2.  Local Engagements
  3. Independent & Transparent Reporting of Election proceeding

Strategic Mobilization for Local Participation in Electoral Process

The PUAN is mobilizing a teaming twenty-five million PVC carrying Nigerians to form polling unit communities within their Polling Unit Areas and become Polling Unit Ambassadors with the sole intent of influencing and organizing their Polling Unit Communities for free and fair election.

Local Engagements

Through the local structures, PUAN creates interactive fora that project grassroot electorates via direct engagements and well doctored interactions. PUAN organizes sensitization to help local communities identify and project their communal needs, vet manifestoes by election candidates and vote candidates based on capacity to deliver. The local pre-voting sensitization is particularly geared to work against inducement.

Independent & Transparent Reporting of Election proceeding

As the dark dread light, so does electoral malpractices fear transparent reporting. PUAN is going all out against any form of shadiness in this election.  We are working with INEC and the security agents to mount ambassadors as observers in all the polling units across the country.  These ambassadors shall provide live coverage and transparent, independent reporting.

PUAN Poll Viewing Center (PPVC)

PUAN will be creating an election Media situation room for the 2023 General Election.

This Situation room is where PUAN will be harvesting live proceedings from the election field as reports come in from the Polling Unit Ambassadors per Polling Unit observed.

PUAN Poll Viewing Center (PPVC)
PUAN Poll Viewing Center (PPVC)

The proceedings will be relayed live to the entire world through PUAN Poll Viewing Centers PPVC.

This will expose all the activities in every Polling Unit as it is happening most especially in the case of violence and vote trading.

PUAN Poll Viewing Center PPVC will be located strategically in 12 major cities spread across the 6 Geo-Political Zones of Nigeria.

The aim of this viewing Centers is to fish out flash points where there are likely to be violence; Election malpractices like cases of rigging, vote trading, compromise from key stake holders in the Election field etc; and beam it live to the world, as these activities are happening on election day.

The various commentaries will be run from the field as PUAN Ambassadors are going about observing the Elections.

How your donation helps, what we do with your donation

PUAN utilizes your donation strictly towards the targeted goals only. Your donation helps PUAN to cover expenses that has to do with:

  • logistics – transportation of ambassadors, equipment and rentages.
  • training – production of training manuals and handouts.
  • sensitization – production of leaflets, banners, branded T-shirts and caps.
  • election reporting – equipment and subscriptions for ambassadors.
Will you give your support to help PUAN win the fight for all of us?

Every kobo counts!

Thank you for your support.

Thank you for believing in Nigeria with us.

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