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Bauchi State, North East

#ElectionDay Live Report – Voting at Standstill in 019 Tirwum/Kangyare Bauchi State

As at 12:20pm, voting was still at a standstill at Polling Unit 019 Tirwum/Kangyare in Bauchi state. While electorates and security agents came out as early as 8:00 am, INEC officials did not arrive early.

At about 10:18am, PUAN observers with other well-meaning individuals called INEC for details.

PUAN observer, security agents and other individuals calling INEC for an explanation at 10:18 am

About an hour later, no INEC officials nor material has arrived.

Electorates waiting for INEC officials and voting materials

At about 12:09 pm, foreign observers approached the Galadima for an explanation of the delay. Following the discussion of the Galadima, the observers called INEC once again. INEC officials apologized and noted to be on their way.

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